Thursday, August 10, 2006

Barbara Marcin on MoneyMasters

Barbara Marcin is the current guest on my MoneyMasters video program. She manages the Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund, which focuses on large-cap value stocks that are temporarily out of favor.

It sounds like a boring way to invest, but it's been very effective. Her portfolio has outperformed her benchmark, the S&P 500, every year but one since she began managing it in 1999. So far this year, she is up almost 6%, which is well ahead of her benchmark.

She explains on the video why she is so fond of the financial sector right now. In fact, almost 22% of her portfolio is concentrated in this sector. Citigroup is her favorite financial services company.

We also talked about Sanofi-Aventis, which co-markets Plavix with Bristol-Myers Squibb.

For those of you in the Houston area, Daniel Frishberg, who does the MoneyMan Report for BizRadio is broadcasting this week from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel here in New York City. I co-anchored the program last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. He brought a number of his listeners up to New York with him and I enjoyed meeting many of them. Houston is obviously full of very sophisticated investors who are interested in a lot more than just oil. Although I've been to Texas many times, Houston is one city I have yet to visit.