Friday, September 22, 2006

Dunn Takes the Fall

Hewlett-Packard got rid of Patricia Dunn. Someone had to take the fall.

No one has been convicted of anything yet, but it does appear that laws were broken in H-P's attempt to find out who at the company was leaking information. The fact is there was a leak. H-P has every right to expect employees and directors to keep confidential information confidential.

So if Dunn knew someone had loose lips, what's wrong with her trying to find out who it was? She certainly should have used every legal means available.

Dunn maintains she wasn't aware the investigators she hired broke the law. Is she telling the truth, or is she merely a scapegoat? Cynics find it hard to believe Dunn is completely innocent. But if her hands are dirty, chances are other hands are dirty, too--perhaps even those of CEO Mark Hurd. I suspect a lot more shoes will drop before this case is over.