Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cho Was Purely Evil

Now we know his name. Cho Seung-Hui is the Virginia Tech student who in just a flash of time killed 32 innocent people, injured 14 others, and disrupted the lives of tens of thousands. He was a loner who talked to no one and had no friends. Today he is world famous and will never be forgotten by the loved ones of those he killed. By the time the media is through, we will know all his deepest and darkest secrets. And we will hear all the experts theorize about what went wrong and how an immigrant Korean child could grow up to become one of the greatest evil doers in American history.

Just a couple of days ago I briefly wrote about my favorable impression of Koreans. I have no doubt that Koreans all over the world are absolutely shocked by Cho’s crimes. I am sure many are now feeling shame and trying to understand how one of their own could have done so much evil. This is nonsense. Cho was not one of their own. He was not one of anyone’s own. The fact that he was of Korean descent is about as relevant as his height or his weight or the color of his hair. This guy was pure evil. And as we know, evil comes in all colors, lives in all countries, and practices all religions.