Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Bloggers

I am often asked to make more frequent postings to this blog. Although I would love to do so, I don't always have the time. Therefore, I have invited a few individuals whose opinions I greatly respect to post their views and comments to my blog. Obviously, I won't always agree with them and neither will you, but they are smart investors and serious thinkers.

Sam Ro is an equity analyst in my group at Forbes. He is fully involved with the entire process of picking stocks and researching companies for recommendation in the Forbes Growth Investor and Special Situation Survey investment newsletters. Just a few weeks ago Sam sat for the Level III exam of the Chartered Financial Analyst program. He has a degree in Religion from Boston University.

Taesik Yoon is a senior equity analyst and has been working closely with me at Forbes for 10 years. He has proven to be an excellent stock picker. He serves as associate editor of the Forbes Growth Investor and he is also fully engaged with the Special Situation Survey letter. Tae earned the CFA designation four years ago. He graduated from New York University with a degree in Marketing and International Business.

Jeffrey Diamond does not work at Forbes, but he joins our blog with a great deal of pertinent experience. He left Wall Street in 1995 after spending 12 years in fixed income sales at Credit Suisse First Boston and Bear Stearns. During that time he worked in both Tokyo and New York. Jeff has a B.A. from Columbia College (a.k.a., Columbia University in the City of New York) and has been managing money privately since 2000. He is an avid watcher of the economy and markets and has a true knack for seeing beyond the obvious.

I am looking forward to reading their comments. I have no doubt you will find them interesting and provocative.