Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special Situation Survey Ranked As One of the Best.

I'm happy to say that our stock picks in the Forbes Special Situation Survey have done extraordinarily well over both the short and long term. In fact, according to the Hulbert Financial Digest, we have generated a 17.8% annualized return (excluding dividends) over the past five years. In no small part, this is due to my crack staff of equity analysts including Taesik Yoon and Sam Ro. Mark Hulbert recently singled us out as a top-performing investment newsletter in an article he wrote for MarketWatch. This follows an article written by Peter Brimelow for MarketWatch about a year-and-a-half ago. WBBM radio in Chicago noticed our performance record and interviewed me about our stock picking strategy.

Based on our record, we have received a number of requests to manage money. That is not a service we offer at the present time, but it is something we may do in the future. I'll certainly keep you all posted if anything develops on that front.