Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Forbes Special Situation Survey Investment Newsletter

Investment newsletter editors constantly compete against one another, trying to pick the best stocks and turn in the best returns. Sometimes the performance claims sound too good to be believed. This is why Mark Hulbert created the Hulbert Financial Digest, a publication that does nothing but track the performance of investment newsletters. Hulbert tries to provide an independent and objective look at how newsletters really are performing.

I am pleased to report that Hulbert continues to rank the Forbes Special Situation Survey as one of the best. According to Hulbert, out of about 180 investment newsletters on the market, ours is ranked #2 over the past three and five years. The table below displays our annual returns as determined by Hulbert and compares them to the S&P 500. These results were achieved without the use of shorts, derivatives, or margin. The newsletter follows a long-only strategy that is always fully invested in stocks. The figures speak for themselves.