Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fox Interview Overshadowed by Tragedy

I went to the Fox studios in New York City yesterday to do an interview about how lower trading costs have driven small investors out of the market. On the way, I received a news alert on my phone about a shooting at a school in Connecticut. When my interview with Lauren Simonetti was about to begin, there were still no reports of any deaths.

After the interview, I had to rush off to a two-hour meeting. Then I jumped on the subway for another meeting at the Forbes building on lower Fifth Avenue. That's when I learned about the full scope of the tragedy. There are many heinous crimes, but I can't imagine anything worse than this. I hope there is a special place reserved in Hell for those who intentionally harm children.

Compared to what happened in Sandy Hook, our discussion was all but meaningless. Nonetheless, anyone interested in watching can click here.